“Support Fees for Girls in 2018/19”

This is how you can be patners with us..

We thank you for considering to partner with NIGEE – pick the system that works best for you:

  • Individual Local and Diaspora donors: These can be monthly, annual, one-off or intermittently, as you find comfortable.
  • Business Opportunities: You can give us a business opportunity and the profits will go into fees and other school levies. Check below  examples of business opportunities for which we are counting on you.
  • Corporate (or Individual) Social Responsibility: Corporations, Foundations, Societies, Business Enterprises, NGOs, Individuals can  consider NIGEE in their corporate or individual social responsibility plans – this is a worthy cause!    
  • Education Runs: We will be holding annual half marathons in each County to raise funds to sponsor girls from the respective Counties; we  look forward to your support.
  • Sponsor-A-Girl: Be a Friend of NIGEE (FON), sponsor a girl or a number of girls – this will release resources for more girls. We have four levels:
    • Be a BRONZE FON: Pick one girl and pay fees for one term
    • Be a SILVER FON: Pick one girl and pay fees for one year
    • Be a GOLD FON: Pick one girl and pay fees for from Form 1-4
    • Be a PLATIMUN FON: Pick multiple girls and pay fees from Form 1-4
  • Non-monetary support: i) you can donate books, uniforms, sanitary towels, or other items that our girls can use in school; ii) you can volunteer as a mentor, and will be assigned a group of girls to follow up on their academic performance and family support; iii) School Principals can waive fees fully or partially for our girls; iv) You define how you want to help!


Your donations can be channeled through:

  1. Nyanza Initiative for Girls Education and Empowerment, Housing Finance, Kisumu Brach, Account # 704-0000-257 (Main Account).
  2. Nyanza Initiative for Girls Education & Empowerment, Bank of Africa, Kisumu Branch, Account # 065 347 900 09
  3. Paybill # 848200 (Go to M-PESA => Payment Services => Pay Bill => Enter Business No. [enter 848200] => Enter Account No. [enter 64433, or type what the donation is for, e.g., “T4NG” or “MIGORI COUNTY” or “MERAB NDINYA, NGIYA GIRLS”] => Enter Amount => Enter PIN => OK).
  4. M-Pesa Line 0707 242 000

Thank you and God bless!!


logologoNyanza Initiative for Girls' Education & Empowerment is an organisation that envisions a society and a future of self-determining and self-reliant girls and women.


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Kisumu, Kenya.
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We appreciate you for visiting the NIGEE website. We are trully committed a society and a future of self-determining and self-reliant girls and women. If you need further content, please input your valid email address and click the Join Us Button to Subscribe to our periodic Newsletter.
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