NIGEE is officially on Globalgiving website as a partner and we are a Superstar!!  This year, we have been recorgnised by being awarded a Site visit verified Certificate stating that Global Giving has seen our impressive work in action!                   

Click to donate:  https://www.globalgiving.org/donate/30793/nyanza-initiative-for-girls-education-and-empowerment-n/

NIGEE was awarded two badges as of December 31, 2019: Top Ranked Organization and Vetted Organization for being an active member of the Global Giving Community and attaining Superstar status with Global Giving Rewards. Also as and Effective organisation and a Site Visit cetificate was also awarded for the year 2020 So far we raised more thanUS$ 56,829 since 2016 with 436 unique donors.


The current NIGEE ranking on the Globalgiving online fundraising portalGLOBALGIVING SITE VISIT AWARD

NIGEE participated in the 2017 March 1st – 15th Girl Fund Campaign and through the generosity of our local and international supporters and staff, raised US$2,732.92. Thefunds would support the activities at the Girls Empowerment Centre, an innovative hub providing vocational skills training to vulnerable girls and young women with the aim of empowering them with skills for sustenance.

GlobalGiving is focused on helping people get the funding they need to change the world and also help nonprofits become more effective with that money. They connect organizations to resources that help them continually learn and improve. As nonprofits become more effective, they have a far-greater impact on social problems.

GlobalGiving enables you to fund the underdog. They make it possible to support creative ideas that might never be funded through traditional development and philanthropy approaches

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GBV Prevention Network

We are a vibrant network of activists and organizations working to prevent violence against women (VAW), united in our mission to uphold equality in our homes and communities.

The Network is over 500 members strong, working in 18 different countries in the Horn, East and Southern Africa to build a just and violence-free world for women. We are dedicated organizations, individuals, academics, and activists. We come from rural and urban areas, community-based organizations, academic institutions and more. We are both women and men from all walks of life. We are people who believe that violence is an injustice and that we have the power and responsibility to prevent it!

The GBV Prevention Network works to increase momentum for VAW prevention by strengthening analysis, building connections and taking action to prevent VAW.

 For more information on our involvment with the networks please click on the link below:


Girls not Brides Campaign

NIGEE is now an official member of Girls Not Brides Gobal Network. This is a global partnership of more than 400 civil society organisations committed to ending child marriage and enabling girls to fulfil their potential. 

You can see more by visiting the website on GIRLS NOT BRIDES.ORG

The Girl Generation Campaign

It's true that hard work driven with passion can inspire many. Our visibility banner is now raising higher and higher; we thank the almighty God for bringing us this far. To all " Friends of NIGEE" asanteni sana for believing in NIGEE!!!

We are now officially members of 'The Girl Generation' Movement, a global campaign that supports the Africa-led movement to end FGM & early child marriages. The campaign will amplify the issue on the international stage. It will bring attention to inspirational stories of change from some of the most affected countries on the African continent.

At NIGEE, we say, "Together we can fight the injustices against our girls, together we can make the world a better place for ALL!!! Yes, we are better together!! We believe in the power of synergy coz it’s the critical path that can ignite the fire needed to facilitate Social Change!!!"

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together, we can end FGM. You can see more by visiting the website on THE GIRL GENERATION.ORG


logologoNyanza Initiative for Girls' Education & Empowerment is an organisation that envisions a society and a future of self-determining and self-reliant girls and women.


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Kisumu, Kenya.
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